Chobham Common is an ancient place that has survived from the rigours of Bronze Age through to World War Two tank testing. Many of its current problems stem from the pressures of feet and hooves trying to escape from less pleasant environments. The thin topsoil is easily eroded and the open heather and grassland fights a losing battle in wide areas to colonisation by Birch and Pine. From our viewpoint the flying ground that we have had the freedom to use for over 80 years needs to be treated with respect so that the privilege to enjoy it can extend to generations of model fliers to come.

The Chobham Common Model Fliers Association was established in 1980 to provide a coherent channel of communication with both the Surrey Wildlife Trust, who manage the Common, and all other interested bodies. In the process of this communication it hopes to defend the interests of aeromodellers using this traditional site.

The following general rules and code of conduct are a framework for the responsibility that we should be aware that we have.

1. General
1.1 The Association will be known as the CHOBHAM COMMON MODEL FLIERS ASSOCIATION (CCMFA).
1.2 The aims and objectives of the CCMFA are:
a. to preserve the established use of Chobham Common for the flying of all types of model aircraft.
b. to represent the interests of model fliers in discussions with other organisations.

2. Organisation.
2.1 The members of CCMFA will elect annually from its membership a management committee consisting of:
a. a Chairman who will be responsible for the orderly conduct of meetings and for ensuring that the agreed policies are pursued.
b. a Secretary who will maintain a record of the business of the CCMFA and who will be responsible for all communication with other organisations.
c. a Treasurer who will be responsible for the collection and safe keeping of all subscriptions or income and who will account to the committee and members for all income and expenditure.
2.2 The Committee may co-opt any member to be responsible for any specified task.
2.3 The Chairman will convene an Annual General Meeting (AGM)) of the CCMFA normally during the Autumn. The Committee, or any three members acting together, may require the Chairman to convene additional meetings.
2.4 Proposals will be put to a meeting by the Chairman; decisions will be by a majority of the members present.
2.5 Neither the CCMFA or its management committee will be financially liable in any way beyond the current assets of the CCMFA.
3. Membership
3.1 Membership of the CCMFA will be open to any model flier, subject to the conditions of para. 3.2 to 4.4 below.
3.2 Members are required to have £25,000,000 insurance cover against claims by third parties for damage to persons or property arising from the flying of model aircraft (this is part of the BMFA membership). Membership of the CCMFA will cease automatically should a members insurance cover lapse.
3.3 The committee may propose at a properly convened meeting that a member may be excluded from the CCMFA for conduct which, in the unanimous opinion of the committee acts against the interests of the association.
3.4 Members will be required to pay an annual subscription payable in advance. The amount of the subscription to be proposed to the Annual General Meeting by the committee.
3.5 All Association members are required to be members of the BMFA.

4. Model Flying.
4.1 Members will at all times comply with the requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority Air Navigation Order Article 253 and safety guidelines set out in the BMFA Handook
4.2 First Person View (FPV) pilots must be accompanied by competent observers to maintain direct unaided visual contact with their models at all times during flight.
4.3 Members will at all times act with due consideration for the well being and safety of Chobham Common and its legitimate users and in compliance with the Code of Conduct.
4.4 Members will abide by the by-laws of the common.
4.5 Members will obey any instruction given by an authorised employee of Surrey Wild Life Trust or by a uniformed police officer.
4.6 Members will follow the BMFA guidelines when giving instructions to Juniors (under 16 years of age). This recommends that the trainee must be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian at all times.

5. Winding up of the CCMFA.
5.1 The CCMFA may be disbanded by a decision reached at a meeting called in accordance with para.2.3
5.2 Any assets of the CCMFA shall at that time be divided equally among those members either present at the meeting or who have given their opinion in writing to the Chairman.

6. Flying Sites
6.1 Model Flying is restricted to the following areas:
a. Free Flight (no radio):
Albury Bottom
b. Radio Control power and electric:
Radio Hill (Peg Board site)
c. Radio Control glider:
East & West Hills and adjacent slopes
d. Radio Control helicopter and multicopter:
North Hill site
6.2 If in doubt ask other fliers for guidance.

7. Frequencies
7.1 35 MHz: Power Fliers must use ODD numbers
7.2 27 MHz: Power Fliers must use SOLID colours
7.3 35 MHz: Glider Fliers must use EVEN numbers
7.4 27 MHz: Glider Fliers must use SPLIT colours
7.5 2.4GHz: may be used in any radio control location
7.6 A pegboard is located on Radio Hill for use with 35MHz and 27MHz systems. Place a peg on your channel when you arrive. If there is already a peg there, find the other fliers and arrange to share flying time.
7.7 Remove your peg when you have finished flying for the day.


1. Respect the common and other legitimate users of its facilities.
2. Do not leave litter on any part of the common and please take your broken models home with you.
3. Do not start fires.
4. Report any incident which might affect the use of the common by model fliers to a Committee Member.
5. Assist with preservation work where possible .
6. Use efficient silencers on powered R/C models.
7. Do not allow bungee or tow line to lie across any major paths.
8. Ensure that no hazard is caused by your model or your equipment.
9. Do not fly over the Pits on Radio Hill
10. Be vigilant regarding the presence of walkers and riders using paths through the site.
11. Rockets and gas turbines on the common are forbidden.
12. Maintain vigilance for FULL SIZE AIRCRAFT and HELICOPTERS crossing the Common. On their approach descend immediately and maintain maximum visual separation between your model and the overflying aircraft.

Revised 4th October 2014

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